Welcome to Movement Film Studio

Movement Film Studio specializes in strategic digital-visual campaigns for our clients to share their most impactful messages to their audiences. Message deployment scales in audiences including opening day downtown storefront 9ft exhibitions, weddings, YouTube ready product promotion, as well as privately emailed client courtesy videos and imagery. These digital messages are deployed and measured to achieve a consistently positive and tangible return. A return for our clients is widely measured based on sales revenue generation, customer appreciation & service, product & service introduction, risk reduction & restriction notification, how-to solutions & best practices, internal team member communication, promotion & exclusive offer, as well as communicating brand value propositions & culture.

Our current position is built on executing on what we know how to do well, Movement Film Studio is founded on the principals of “Collaboration to Completion”. This means that we are working together collectively every step of the way. When first beginning work with the client we organize our meeting schedules, roles & responsibilities, and deliverable dates based upon sprint cycles.

Through our entire work together creative synergy is just a “hello” away as we understand that when inspiration hits, it hits, and we are working together to get this right. Working with our clients is both equally a qualitative and quantitative process. We build in-depth relationships with our clients to understand their expectations and goals for every deliverable along the way. It is then our goal to deliver results at exceeding levels for our clients.

Meet Creative Director: Jeff D. Wegner


Coming Soon: "Plastic", view more @PlasticMovie.


Our mission is to beautify our personal spaces, our relationships, and our communities.

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