Client Booking:

Movement Film Studio’s purpose driven client solutions are based off of eight fundamental processes for creative asset development. We understand that each and every step of these processes requires a critical attention to detail, and work directly with our clients to identify and deliver their most rewarding and valuable long term value.

  1. Plan

  2. Capture

  3. Manage

  4. Edit

  5. Strategy

  6. Digital DeployMent

  7. Tangible Deployment

  8. Analyse

Please understand that for every 1 hour of capture, a minimum of 3 hours to manage, edit, render, export, and transfer are required. Ex: 1 hour of capture will bill for 4 total hours. Additional hours of editing time may be completed by the contractor at the request of the client. Client payments are due to the contractor within 14 days of each dated invoice.

All Bookings made within advance of seven days require a 50% deposit of the total value of that booking. All deposits & payments will transact with the according updated invoice.

Please fill this form out directly or contact Jeff via email at to begin your creative accomplishment process together! Please leave a detailed description project for our best assistance and allow up to 48 hours for a response from our team. Thank you!

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